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BALINESE CUISINE diffrent from other regions in Indonesia. “Balinese food” more similiar like food from Thailand or Thai food, in terms of flavor and spicy marinade is the same, only diffrence is if “Thailand they use ingredients that have been dried material, such as dried chilli, and more use of coconut milk”.
In North of Bali, Lovina precisely ,we open a special class /Cooking Class for the Tourists who want learn how to cook a Traditional Balinese Food.
Cooking lesson is more about introduced to all the Tourists about a Typical of Balinese Cuisine, and the importan things here is, “Where all the seasoning and ingredients taken from the Garden and thats is Organic , does not wear like groceries is more use Peptisida”.
And off course everybody knows about how dangerous Peptisida for our Body.
And here we try to use all the ingeredients and seasoning, that are Organic and the food we eat is Healty for our Body.
Bali cooking lesson menu :
-Pesan Be Pasih*Pepes tuna wrap with banana leaf*



-Tuna sambel Bawang *Tuna with onion sauce*


Tuna With Onion Sauce

Tuna satay *Sate be pasih*



Pork steak with vegetable with red rice *Be Celeng misi kuah*



And we still have alot of Menu from Balinese cuisine where i cant write here all.
So if one of you guys..interesting to doing and learn about our Culture and Cuisine just call us or contact us 1 days before..choice by your self what kind of Balinese food you wanna learn for Breakfast, Lunch or for Dinner, off course the table time to start will be depend on what you choice.

Please contact to:

WhatsApp. +62 8123 61464 28

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