Menjangan Island

Bali Lovina snorkling Menjangan Island

Island deer part of the Bali Barat National Park, Menjangan Island is famous as the magnificent underwater world, beautiful coral reefs found nearby and the best sites for fishing .. Another attraction of the island is protected deer. Menjangan is an island about 10 miles inhibit offshore, the island deer are well known by its beautiful coral reefs and exotic, for those who love the world of water, such as Diving and snorkeling, they would prefer to see and visit this island.Gambar

Menjangan Island offers a unique opportunity for guests to diving and snorkeling, there are also outstanding dive shore of the bay we dive resort that offers Mandarin as the top fish.
As above water, below water scenery is also one big spectacle. Beautiful wall dives in the area of ??the park offers a chance to relax in an environment that is unmatched anywhere else in Bali.
in this island there is also a temple visited by many tourists,


Gambarif you wanna going for snorkling or for Diving, the best way you can go by group, so will be more cheaper for you.

Special Offer… Snorkeling on Menjangan Island best price start from 40 US $. including Guide, transport, boat, insurance, and snorkeling equipment.

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